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I need some help in displaying Images in grid style using MVC razor.

The result i am getting is :-

How i want to display the image is :-

Any suggestion regarding the issue will be greatly appreciated.Thanks

What I have tried:

-- Controller--

public ActionResult Index()


return View(db.Img_data.ToList());


--Razor View--

@using firstmvc.Models

@model IEnumerable<firstmvc.models.img_data>

ViewBag.Title = "Index";

Layout = "~/Views/Shared/Adminmaster.cshtml";


@foreach (var item in Model)

<img id="@item.Img_id" src="@Url.Content(@item.Img_data1)" data-zoom-image="@Url.Content(@item.Img_data1)" style="width:450px;height:300px" />

Updated 1-Aug-16 1:30am
F-ES Sitecore 29-Jul-16 5:27am
This is more of a design question TBH, you need to understand divs and floating divs etc, it's not really a coding question. Google how to format elements with divs and you'll probably find some tutorials, it's quite a big subject.


Fltimg {
    float: left;

Set this class to images which you want to show side by side.
Kasar_7 30-Jul-16 2:38am
I've implement your method but still it doesn't work.Here's the code
<img id="@item.Img_id" class="floating" src="@Url.Content(@item.Img_data1)" data-zoom-image="@Url.Content(@item.Img_data1)" style="width:450px;height:300px" />
Ever heard of using jQuery plugins for such kind of work?

Well there are plenty of plugins available to show your bunch of images as tiles.

One of the good plugin is available on the following link.


You may use the above mentioned plugin or can google for the related ones.

Hope it helps.
Kasar_7 2-Aug-16 2:31am
Thank you
VICK 2-Aug-16 5:48am
Pleasure. :)

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