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I am new to MVC and I am trying to add a user to a role after login.

I have managed to use the AuthorizeRoles on actions in a controller but when trying to add a user to a like as per the below code I get an error saying User Not Found.

System.Web.Security.Roles.AddUsersToRole(new string[] { httpContext.User.Identity.Name }, roles);

The Users Table in my database is as follows:

I have tried passing through the UserName, UserId and email address of any user but it keeps telling me user not found for any user that has been logged in.

In my web.config I am using the below configuration in System.Web:
<rolemanager enabled="true" defaultprovider="SqlRoleProvider">
<add name="SqlRoleProvider">

Has anyone else experienced this type of an issue?

What I have tried:

Searched Google, added rolemanager to the web.config file.
Updated 9-Aug-16 0:28am

1 solution

Hi I imagine that

is not being set to the logged in user.
You need to make sure that in your application some code is setting it to correct value.
An example is to use FormsAuthentication to set the cookie and configure FormsAuthentication in web.config for it to work.
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Kats2512 9-Aug-16 5:31am    
I have done that, when I use httpContext.User.Identity.Name.ToString() it does return the name that I am logged in as.
Kats2512 14-Aug-16 5:44am    
Thanks for trying but I eventually created my own static method since I figured I am using a custom database and not the usual identity database with their tables.

What I did is now working :)
njammy 15-Aug-16 6:20am    
I think everyone will agree that you should have mentioned your custom database in the first line of your question as it's pretty important.

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