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please, I need help with that "request" object that is making me despair...

I read that theoretically "request" in views is an "HttpRequest" object but I have a script which needs to call a function, which needs to use that "request" so receive it as argument.

Then I tried to import that object in my script in so many modes, but it seems always "not be the same" and I get annoying errors as:
"'HttpRequest' object has no attribute 'session'"

Is there another way to use "request" object in a view's function avoiding to pass as argument?
Something like this:?

def view_function():
    request = ??
    form = fooform
    bar = request.session['foo']
    'form' = form
    'bar' = bar
    return render(request, "foo.html", context)

I know that's not elegant, but I'm still learning and I really don't need for this program an elegant solution.
Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I tried to import that misterious object in so many modes:

from django.http import request

from django.http import HttpRequest
request = HttpRequest()

from urllib import request

from urllib import HttpRequest

import django.http.request

Updated 13-Aug-16 2:22am

1 solution

I fixed it! I realised that I forgot to pass the "request" parameter when I call my script main funcion. That's why my external script "didn't know" what "request" was.

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