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I have a code where i am getting error in Catch block stating "cannot implicitly convert type bool to kCura.EventHandler.Response". Below is my code:

DTOs.RDO TR = new DTOs.RDO(this.ActiveArtifact.ParentArtifactID.Value);
TR.ArtifactTypeGuids = new List<guid>()

    Output = proxy.Repositroies.RDO.Read(TR);
catch(Exception ex)
    return false;

I know the whole belongs to the particular API, but the error is near return false stating "cannot implicitly convert type bool to kCura.EventHandler.Response". So i want to what exactly it means and what action need to be taken. Any help would be appreciated.

What I have tried:

I tried searching in google and understood that it is some conversion issue but failed to implement and resolve this.
Updated 22-Aug-16 23:59pm
Patrice T 23-Aug-16 5:25am
The problem is that there is no kCura.EventHandler.Response in your code.
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1 solution

The error message is clear: the method is supposed to return an object having kCura.EventHandler.Response type while it is returning false which is a boolean. You should return the proper (failure) Response object.
Maciej Los 23-Aug-16 16:11pm
CPallini 23-Aug-16 17:05pm
Thank you!

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