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I'm trying to get H2:H2 (My Bill cost for the month) to get added together to see what which bills to pay first and how much I will have carrying over to the next check (paid bi weekly).

So H2:H24 (dollar amount of bills) , B2:B24 (due date of bills--simple numerical 1-31), then h1 is (the day I get paid for that paycheck-9/9/2016)

There could be a really easy way, a different statement to use instead of SUMIFS, any help would be great please and thank you :D

What I have tried:

SUMIFS function - Office Support[^]

Trial and error. it keeps coming out "0" at least, not null or an error
Updated 29-Aug-16 20:06pm
Patrice T 29-Aug-16 18:58pm    
Show a sample of data including H1.

1 solution

You can use array formula: =SUM(IF($B$2:$B$24=DAY($H$1),H2:H24,0))
Do not forget to accept above formula using CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER keys.

Guidelines and examples of array formulas - Excel[^]
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Member 12709756 30-Aug-16 10:54am     CRLF
perfect solution for what i need, thank you very much. I didn't need the $ (absolute references though?) though since I'm having them shift when input each month. Tiny correction for = to <=. Again, thank you very much!
Member 12709756 30-Aug-16 10:55am    
Oh, what is CRTL+SHIFT+ENTER doing exactly?
Maciej Los 30-Aug-16 10:56am    
This combination of keys is used to accept array fomula.
Member 12709756 30-Aug-16 14:08pm    
:) good to know , thanks
Maciej Los 30-Aug-16 10:55am    
You're very welcome.

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