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I would like to remove all child nodes except the Root node.

Suppose if my treeview is as follows

|-> Child

I would like to remove all child and finally i would like to display Root with out child nodes any idea please
Updated 23-Jul-19 23:09pm

foreach(TreeNode node in myTreeview.Nodes)

Good luck!
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demouser743 23-Sep-10 10:39am    
Thanks :)
amiraziz 28-Apr-13 3:09am    
and of course :
Clear(); is correct .
I believe you need to get an instance of the "Root" TreeNode, then Clear its Nodes property.
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use this for treeview child node position
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Richard Deeming 13-Sep-18 15:00pm    
Aside from the fact that this question is already solved, your solution is incorrect:

* If there are five or more child nodes, your code will remove nodes 0, 2, and 5, leaving 1, 3, and 6+ unscathed.

* If there are less than five child nodes, your code will throw an exception.

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