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Ive been trying to figure out a RegEx for the following:

<td width="50%" height="19">
<a href="sample_weblink.htm">
Sample Weblink</a></td>
<td width="50%" height="19">

But I can't figure out the RegEx to match only the weblink. In other words I only want to match what's between:

<a href="

Any help would be appreciated.
The regex needs to be Global.


(?<=\<a href\=\")(.+)(?=\")
Sundeepan Sen 23-Sep-10 22:25pm
Thanks! I have tested this with and it works. But when I use it does not work. I am wondering if this will work with C# .NET?
Try non-greedy evaluation, that is, add a ? after the + or *.


class Program


    static void Main(string[] args)
        string strInput = @"
<td width=""50%"" height=""19"">
<a href=""sample_weblink.htm"">
Sample Weblink</a></td>
<td width=""50%"" height=""19"">
        var objMatch = Regex.Match(strInput, @"<a\s+href=[""'](.*?)[""']\s*>");
        if (objMatch.Success)
            Console.WriteLine("Match: {0}", objMatch.Groups[1].Value);

Note: the doubling of the quotes is needed to have embedded quotes in a @"..." string.



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