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In a Point Of Sales System how we should arrange the database table to save the data for storing information about individual purchases. As an example a customer will purchase 1 kg of flour for USD 1.10, 2 liters of vegetable oil for USD 2.25, 2 loafs of breads for USD 1.05 with the total of USD 4.40.

The invoice no will be like 20160901-001002. So all the purchases must be grouped according to the invoice no and save in the database table. So what fields should be there in the database table? I am using MS SQL.

What I have tried:

I have tried adding tables with many to may relationships but cannot find a real solution.
Updated 7-Sep-16 2:28am
Mehdi Gholam 7-Sep-16 0:36am    
Read about master-detail relationships in databases.
Chiranthaka Sampath 7-Sep-16 1:02am    
Could you propose a database structure for this?

You should keep this invoice in two tables. One for header details and one for line level details.

Eg. In the header table you should keep data like
CustomerID (this should be a foreign key of customer table)

In the line level table you should keep data like
InvoiceNo (foreign key of header table)
ItemCode (foreign key of Item table)

Then you can query as follow to get individual purchases. (I am writing this assuming you have separate tables for Item and the Customer.)

    ,H.Date as InvoiceDate
    ,C.ID as CustomerCode
    ,C.Name as Customer
    ,I.ID as ItemCode
    ,L.UnitPrice * L.SoldQty as TotalForItem
FROM InvoiceHeader H
    INNER JOIN InvoiceLine L ON H.InvoiceNo = L.InvoiceNo
    INNER JOIN Customer C ON H.CustomerID = C.ID
    INNER JOIN Item I ON L.ItemCode = I.ID
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Oh, thank you Sahan2u! your recommendation helped me a lot too, because I searched how to solve this case. great!
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Sahan2u 7-Sep-16 22:42pm    
You welcome cormaclee !

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