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I am developing MVC4 application with Searching, Paging and Sorting. Everything works fine with normal view.
Now I am converting same application using Ajax & Partial View.
How can I pass my search & sort parameter through Paging control residing on partial View. Now, I am able to load filtered data in partial view but moving to next page, lost my search parameters and loads all records ignoring search filters.

My Paging Control in _PartialView.cshtml
                        page => Url.Action("AjaxMethod", 
                                searchByUserName = Request.QueryString["searchByUserName"],
                                searchByReaderName = Request.QueryString["searchByReaderName"],
                                searchByReaderType = Request.QueryString["searchByReaderType"],
                                searchByUploadDate = Request.QueryString["searchByUploadDate"],
                                sortBy = Request.QueryString["sortBy"]
                        //new PagedListRenderOptions.() { Display = PagedListDisplayMode.IfNeeded, DisplayPageCountAndCurrentLocation = true }
                        PagedListRenderOptions.EnableUnobtrusiveAjaxReplacing( new AjaxOptions(){ HttpMethod = "GET", UpdateTargetId = "divData"})

Please suggest, what I am missing.

What I have tried:

I am new to MVC development. Googled a lot for this issue but can't find appropriate solution.
Updated 7-Sep-16 20:20pm

1 solution

Hello Guys,
I came to know what I m missing, Partial View doesn't got Request.QueryString values thats why paging control lost search parameters and loads all records. So I modified Pager control in _PartialView.cshtml as follows :

                        page => Url.Action("AjaxMethod",
                                searchByUserName = ViewBag.searchByUserName, // Request.QueryString["searchByUserName"],
                                searchByReaderName = ViewBag.searchByReaderName, // Request.QueryString["searchByReaderName"],
                                searchByReaderType = ViewBag.searchByReaderType, // Request.QueryString["searchByReaderType"],
                                searchByUploadDate = ViewBag.searchByUploadDate, // Request.QueryString["searchByUploadDate"],
                                sortBy = ViewBag.sortBy // Request.QueryString["sortBy"]
                        PagedListRenderOptions.EnableUnobtrusiveAjaxReplacing(new AjaxOptions() 
                        { HttpMethod = "GET", UpdateTargetId = "divData", LoadingElementId="divloading" })

These ViewBag objects initialized in controllers action method.

Anyone having better solution than this for the above problem. Please suggest.
Umesh AP 12-Sep-16 5:41am
Hi All,
Can anyone suggest alternate & better solution for this.

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