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I am replacing a match using regex in the whole document. But I want it to ONLY replace the match if it hasn't already been replaced. or it ends with a certain string like "done"
Updated 20-Sep-16 14:55pm
Patrice T 13-Sep-16 0:19am
Show more code!
There is no link between RegEx operation and the doc to save
Patrice T 13-Sep-16 0:41am
Show an example of the replacement you want to do.
Patrice T 13-Sep-16 1:08am
The example do not match the code.
Garth J Lancaster 13-Sep-16 1:18am
There's a lot you're not showing us ...

string input = doc.ToString();
string result = Regex.Replace(input, pattern, replacement);

ok, you have a 'doc', you get its content to 'input', do a regex on it to get result .. then you go

doc.Save(dir + "\\" + file?.Replace(".xml", " - Processed.xml")); //not saving the regex changes

ok, but, where do you replace the content of 'doc' with 'result', obtained by the regex - without showing us what doc is, and outlining how you update 'doc' with 'result', I fear we cant help much - ppolymorphe has tried to explain this
Karthik_Mahalingam 13-Sep-16 1:23am
not clear

It is hard to tell from your question exactly what you need. Something that will help you in general is to learn more about how to use RegEx. A very helpful site is regexlib [^]they have a large library of Regular Expressions. They also have a RegEx tester[^] which is very helpful in testing your RegEx code. Also Ultrapico's Expresso[^] is a very useful tool for creating regular expressions.
Maciej Los 14-Sep-16 2:24am
Bill, please take a look at His/Her next question, which is exactly the same as current. I'm afraid, OP isn't able to explain His/Her issue.
Please, read my comments to that question.

Cheers, Maciej
You show a vague example which do not match the RefEx code and the save code is unlinked to the above.
Remember, we are not in your head, we don't see your screen.
Asking questions is a skill[^]
BillWoodruff 13-Sep-16 12:05pm
My vote of #1: this is not a solution; it is a comment to the OP, and a vague comment at that.
Patrice T 13-Sep-16 12:10pm
Have a look at first version of question.
BillW33 13-Sep-16 13:44pm
I agree that the first version of the question was poor, however your "solution" should still be a comment on how to improve the question; it does not answer anything.
Patrice T 14-Sep-16 4:25am
I started with comments asking the OP to improve, but it was not efficient.

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