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How to change MySQL session variable (i.e, SQL_mode, max_allowed_packet etc) for different user accounts. i have two users sam@localhost and joe@localhost i need to set different MySQL session variable values for both the users (OR) Is there any way to auto call a procedure or sql once the user logged on. so that i can set session variable (i.e, SET SESSION sql_mode = 'modes';) in the procedure. once the user logged on it will set automatically by calling. is this possible??

What I have tried:

i had tried something like this but init_connect doesn't works and also when i restart MySQL service its gets reset.

SET @@sql_mode = CASE CURRENT_USER()
WHEN 'test2@localhost' THEN ''
ELSE @@sql_mode

SET GLOBAL init_connect =
"SET @@sql_mode = CASE CURRENT_USER()
WHEN 'test1@localhost' THEN 'TRADITIONAL'
WHEN 'test2@localhost' THEN ''
ELSE @@sql_mode

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