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Hi everyone
I have a DataTemplate :

<DataTemplate x:Key="autoCompleteTemplate">
          <Grid TextElement.FontSize="18">
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="1*" />
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="84" />
                <Border Background="#FFFFFBDF">
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding ItemName}" />
                <Border Grid.Column="1" Background="#FFFFFBDF">
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Balance,StringFormat=0.00}" />

i need to change the Background of the 2 borders inside the template when the ListBoxItem is selected

What I have tried:

I tried using an ItemContainerStyle by setting the properties of the Selected State using blend
so far i could change the color of the Background of the ListBoxItem as a whole when it's Selected but i only want to change the color of the inside borders of the content control which i can't access from the ItemContainerStyle
I also tried to make a separate DataTemplate for the Selected appearance
and tried to set the ContentControl in the Selected State To it , but that makes no difference

there is also the tiresome solution of using DataTriggers
basically to add an IsSelected Property to my Item Class
and implement INotifyPropertyChanged in it
and Set this property to True whenever the item Is Selected
and set the dataTemplate in the Trigger accordingly

but is there no other solution using XAML and Blend ,without having to change my class ?
Updated 16-Sep-16 6:03am
Richard Deeming 16-Sep-16 11:38am
The site seems to have swallowed your code block. It's a bug that's being worked on at the moment.

To work around it, please encode your code before posting - <&lt;, >&gt;, and &&amp;
Ahmad_kelany 16-Sep-16 12:04pm
thanks very much , I kept updating the question not knowing what's wrong :)
[no name] 16-Sep-16 12:10pm
Why can't you use a DataTemplate Trigger?
Ahmad_kelany 16-Sep-16 12:15pm
I can
i was hoping to find an easier solution using XAML and blend only without having to change the class
because not always i will be in a situation with access or privilege to modify the underlying class
[no name] 16-Sep-16 13:24pm
That makes no sense. A DataTemplate trigger IS XAML so I don't know what you mean that you would have to change the class because you don't.
Ahmad_kelany 16-Sep-16 13:45pm
a DataTrigger is required not a simple Trigger in the DataTemplate
setting a Trigger Property="IsSelected" Value="True" in the DataTemplate doesn't do any thing because the DataTemplate doesn't have an IsSelected Property
to make this work one need to use a DataTrigger that monitors an IsSelected property (or whatever one choose to name it) in the underlying class

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