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I created one application. I can export data to Excel using Excel Interop. Later I am doing calculation manually. Here I want use the Excel which already I written formulas in Sheet1 & the data which I exporting from my application should load in Sheet2. Once data loaded completely, result should display in Sheet1. Pl, help on this request.
Below is the Code that I can export data to new excel.

What I have tried:

public void ExportToExcel(ListView lsvData, string sSheeyName)
            Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application xla = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application();
            xla.Visible = true;
            Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook wb = xla.Workbooks.Add(Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlSheetType.xlWorksheet);
            Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet ws = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xla.ActiveSheet;
            int i = 4;
            int j = 1;
            int c = 1;
            int r = 5;
            int ilsvCol = 0;
            string sFcol;
            ws.Name = sSheeyName;

            ws.Cells[c, r] = ws.Name;
            ws.Cells[c, r].Font.Bold = true;
            ws.Cells[c, r].Font.Size = 20;

            foreach (ColumnHeader lsvcolumn in lsvData.Columns)
                if (lsvcolumn.Width > 0)
                    ws.Cells[i, j] = lsvcolumn.Text;
                    ws.Cells[i, j].Font.Bold = true;
                    ws.Cells[i, j].Interior.Color = Color.GreenYellow;
                    ws.Columns[j].ColumnWidth = lsvcolumn.Text.Length + 10;

            if (j > 52)
                sFcol = "B" + Convert.ToChar(64 + j - 52).ToString();
            else if (j > 26)
                sFcol = "A" + Convert.ToChar(64 + j - 26).ToString();
                sFcol = Convert.ToChar(64 + j).ToString();

            i = 5;
            j = 1;
            foreach (ListViewItem comp in lsvData.Items)
                ilsvCol = 0;
                foreach (ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem drv in comp.SubItems)
                   // if (lsvData.Columns[ilsvCol].Width > 0)
                    if (lsvData.Columns[ilsvCol].Width > 0)

                        // ws.Cells[i, j] = "'" + drv.Text.ToString();
                        ws.Cells[i, j] =  drv.Text.ToString();
                        ws.Cells[i, j].Style.HorizontalAlignment = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlHAlign.xlHAlignCenter;
                j = 1;


Updated 19-Sep-16 22:04pm
Patrice T 17-Sep-16 10:42am    
What is the problem with your code ?
ShivAkshay 20-Sep-16 1:29am    
Pl. See my newly added comments.
harish85 17-Sep-16 14:36pm    
please explain your problem clearly
ShivAkshay 20-Sep-16 1:30am    
Pl. See my comment added Neely.
ShivAkshay 19-Sep-16 22:53pm    
Hi harish85 & ppolymorphe. my question is very clear. With attached code I can export obtained data to one new excel sheet. There is no issue this code. Once export I want to spend extra time to do some calculation with export data. Instead of this I will create one excel with defined formulas in sheet1 & save it in designated folder. Later I want export data's from my C# application directly to this same excel sheet2. With out sending any extra time the result should display automatically in sheet1. I believe now you can under stand the my question.

1 solution

you can try this libray closedxml.
i used for some project and worked fine.
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