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Hi All
I have a table where there records are unique, however they might be present multiple times, due to changes associated with their attributes. Accordingly I have ProdID and StartDate col, there had been changes made in the price of the products.But while making that prodId as primary key, SQl Server throws error!!Then how do i resolve this??

'EffectiveDate' table
- Unable to create index 'PK_EffectiveDate'.  
The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'dbo.EffectiveDate' and the index name 'PK_EffectiveDate'. The duplicate key value is (PCOS103).
Could not create constraint. See previous errors.
The statement has been terminated.

What I have tried:

I am still unsure, but then how some of the similar tables are stored with certain records as primary keys in certain databases?Or Am I missing something!!
Updated 17-Sep-16 22:28pm
Wendelius 18-Sep-16 3:05am
What is the statement which you try to use to create the constraint?
mousau 18-Sep-16 3:16am
Hi Mika
Thanks a lot for the response.I did not use the create table statement,I have already a similar table created in another DB, I just wanted to replicate on to my SQL server, I used the graphical method of table creation, right click--->Design. In such situations is it advisable that i do use the create table statement( with constraint option)???
Then Let me try and get back again on this.

1 solution

Based on the error there are two options: Either you really have duplicate data or you haven't defined correct columns for the constraint.

If the idea is that a single ProdID can exist several times but not for the exact same StartDate then ensure that you create a key which contains both columns.An SQL statement could be something like:
ALTER TABLE EffectiveDate ADD PRIMARY KEY (ProdID, StartDate);
mousau 18-Sep-16 3:49am
Hi Mika
One thing still confused me, the record(PCOS103)is present twice, with following details:-
PCOS103 NeemFaceWash AyurvedicCosmectics 2 250 2016-02-06
PCOS103 NeemFaceWash AyurvedicCosmectics 2 260 2016-09-18

1)As you can see the date column data is not duplicated, then why did the error rise?
2)One more doubt, I was trying to make both those cols: ProdID and StartDate primary keys , but graphically, not by query, and it ended up with errors, however the command worked fine????Any reasons??

Wendelius 18-Sep-16 4:07am
Just guessing here but you probably tried to make the columns as separate keys. The thing is that both of the columns need to be inside a single key, in other words, you need a composite key.

Have a look at Compound key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]
mousau 18-Sep-16 4:24am
Hi Mika
Thanks a lot for your answers, perhaps lots of flexibility to handle tables lies in the commands/codings rather than graphical usage.

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