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Hi Everyone

I am trying to integrate fortumo (Direct Career Billing) in my app
but gettinh an error "cannot resolve symbol TYPE_NON_CONSUMABLE" on a single line
this is my code below

public void onClick(View v) {
        switch(v.getId()) {
            case {

                PaymentRequest.PaymentRequestBuilder builder = new PaymentRequest.PaymentRequestBuilder();
                builder.setService(SERVICE_ID, APP_SECRET);
                builder.setDisplayString("Fortumo Sample1");
                builder.setProductName("Fortumo Sample1");  // non-consumable purchases are restored using this value
                builder.setType(MpUtils.TYPE_NON_CONSUMABLE);   // non-consumable items can be later restored
                PaymentRequest pr =;

            } break;

Kindly help

What I have tried:

I have tried posting the question on Stackoverflow
Updated 19-Sep-16 6:49am
David_Wimbley 19-Sep-16 11:49am    
So this may be a stupid question...but have you checked whatever MpUtils is to see if it has a field called TYPE_NON_CONSUMABLE on the class. Or if it is a constant, if that constant exists? Because right now, the compiler is telling you TYPE_NON_CONSUMABLE is not a variable/member/property of your MpUtils class.
Member 10627743 19-Sep-16 12:09pm    
Hi David_Wimbley am sorry to ask because i have imported the required utils see below
import mp.MpUtils;
import mp.PaymentRequest;
import mp.PaymentResponse;

1 solution

Reading the documentation shows that there is a slight disconnect. See MpUtils (Fortumo Android SDK API)[^].
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Member 10627743 19-Sep-16 16:51pm    
Thanks Richard MacCutchan for your contribution i now get it

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