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I tried this code and getting the exception like this

{"message":"Invalid Mashape Key"}
An exception of type System.Exception occurred in ASPSnippets.SmsAPI.dll but was not handled in user code

What I have tried:

public void sent()

bool isSent = SendOTPSMS("&&&&&&****", "*****", "NHa1bjKulkmshpU91Xel3gj94SDKp18z3qcjsnCuDyxq7OOePV", "++++++@@@@", "OTP: 324353");
public static bool SendOTPSMS(string senderMobileNo, string senderPassword, string MshapeKey, string receiverMobileNo, string Message)
bool isSent = true;
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(""
+ Message + "&phone=" + receiverMobileNo + "&pwd=" + senderPassword + "&uid=" + senderMobileNo);
request.Headers.Add("X-Mashape-Key", MshapeKey);
WebResponse response = request.GetResponse();
return isSent;
catch (Exception ex)
return false;
Updated 22-Sep-16 0:46am
Vjay Y 22-Sep-16 5:02am
from the exception mshapekey is seems to be invalid. can you try with another one
Member 12675499 22-Sep-16 5:46am
I tried with valid mshapekey but same exception getting.Please give one more solution.

1 solution

The error is pretty self-explanatory, you are giving it an invalid key. Contact the software vendor and find out what the key is supposed to be, we can't tell you that.
Member 12675499 24-Sep-16 6:29am
But how to contact the software vendor for the Mashape key.
F-ES Sitecore 26-Sep-16 4:08am
I imagine you'll need to contact site2sms, as mashape is a third-party api key manager that they will use.

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