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I have configured all necessary to connect with MySQL with Entity Framwork in Visual Studio 2012

And all this is going well,

I get the mapping of my table in my code,

here is my code:

using (testuserEntities context = new testuserEntities())
               personels nam = context.personels.FirstOrDefault(x => == "Walid");
               if (nam !=null )
                   textBox1.Text =;

In the execution, I get the ERROR:[^]

What I have tried:

Connection Entity Framework with MySQL C #
Updated 22-Sep-16 5:55am
David_Wimbley 22-Sep-16 9:15am    
Can you post your app.config?
[no name] 22-Sep-16 9:25am    
Post the actual error. Not everyone can view an image stored somewhere. And it doesn't help people in the future.

I find the solution: We must update the DLL:

1) Right click on the Solution (top level in the solution explorer)

2) Manage Nuget packages for solution

3) Go to update ( locate in the left)

4) Update the packages :MySql.Data, MySql.Data.Entities, Entity.Framwork

we have change in the App.config file:


It works for me !!
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