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sir, in my crystal report i have column of datatype String. and they contain number values and character values both like :-


Marks is the name of column. i need to show total of this column like:

how can i do it.

What I have tried:

i convert the marks column datatype from string to double. but its not working.
Updated 30-Sep-16 4:42am
[no name] 30-Sep-16 9:02am
"its not working" is probably the most worthless description of a problem ever. Do you expect us to be able to remote view your monitor somehow in order to see what is being displayed on your screen?
TCS54321 30-Sep-16 9:18am
if u have any solution then write.. otherwise don't waste your time to read my worthless description.
[no name] 30-Sep-16 10:51am
There is nothing here to "solve". Try providing a description of the problem that can be solved instead of expecting people half way around the world to read your mind. And learning how to use a keyboard might help as well. "u" is not a word in the English language.
TCS54321 7-Oct-16 2:40am
i think ur gf kick on your ass today.. that why you don't understand any shortcuts words.
Karthik_Mahalingam 1-Oct-16 1:25am
getting any error message?

1 solution

I'd do the conversion in code before calling the crystal report. Add another column to your datatable. Use that one to hold only the numeric values and zeros for any rows that have letters. You can determine that with the IsNumeric function. Then show the total of THAT column instead of the total of the original column.

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