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Hello good people. Am having trouble to display records on a listview in vb6. Here is the scenario am having.
I have this table:

sId SName sCourse sMark
1 Amos COS 110 50
2 John COS 110 60
3 Amos COS 210 70

i wish to display it as:
sId sName COS110 COS210
1 Amos 50 70
2 John 60 0

Please help its urgent. Thanx

#realJSOP 28-Sep-10 7:47am    
It's not urgent for anyone but you.

Try use to group by on sCourse column and also using case statement.
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amosndungu 28-Sep-10 8:15am    
how could the sample query be? with this code below, i have achieved to display the courses and the first mark but the subsequent marks wont show up. here
With lsvConsolidatedMark
Set colx = .ColumnHeaders.Add(, , ("Registration No."), colWidth)
Set colx = .ColumnHeaders.Add(, , ("Student Name"), colWidth)

Do While Not rs.EOF()
cosCod = rs!coursecode
Set colx = .ColumnHeaders.Add(, , (cosCod), colWidth)
End With

'adding rows to listview
With lsvConsolidatedMark
If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then
While Not rs.EOF()
reg = rs!regno
studNam = rs!studentName
mak = rs!mark
Set listitem = .ListItems.Add(, , (rs!regno))
listitem.SubItems(1) = rs!studentName
On Error Resume Next
Do While Not rs.EOF()
listitem.SubItems(2) = mak
End If
End With
amosndungu 28-Sep-10 8:18am    
am using this query:
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblexamcdmha where program='" & Me.lblProgramme.Caption & "' and" _
& " yearOfStudy ='" & Me.lblYearOfStudy.Caption & "' and" _
& " academicYear ='" & Me.lblAcademicYear.Caption & "'and" _
& " combinations ='" & Me.lblCombination.Caption & "'"
Asuming you are using SQL server try read some about Pivot[^].
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amosndungu 28-Sep-10 8:16am    
Am using mysql!
Goutam Patra 28-Sep-10 8:33am    
I am not very sure sut take a look at

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