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I have a simple mvc web application , in which i have a menu like
home,services,contactus when i click the service menu the new service controller invokes and service Index view opened, and this view have service details and also a read more button , when i click the read more button I want to show the more details like description of that service, all these things are working properly , The issue is that when i click the Readmore linkbutton on service view It loses the Path of my JS and Css folder , so my _Layout.cshtml having the slider and it did not show the images of that slider when i clicked the Read more button it shows the other details properly but the path of my Images and Css,JS get disturbed , I inspact the issue and check that

this is correct path but when i hover on img tag it show the path like that
http://localhost:60553/Service/Images/img/rsz_malibu-2.png Failed to load resource

I mean it is looking my CSS JS and images in Service Folder instead of root folder how to fix that

What I have tried:

I have check the method of my slider it is having correct path in code but when i inspect the element in browser it shows the below path
It is finding the image in SErvice Folder instead of in root then Images/img/rsz_malibu-2.png
Updated 3-Oct-16 6:03am
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 1-Oct-16 14:53pm    
share the relevant code
Malikdanish 2-Oct-16 5:21am    
Basically My silder and css works fine on home controller also on service controller but when i click on any of the service details then the images get broken i found why it is so when i hover on the img tag using inspect element in chrome browser it shows that instead of finding the image from root/Images/google.png it is finding the image from root/Service/images/google.png
below is my readmore button as well as controller method
@Html.ActionLink("ReadMore", "Details", "Service", new { id = item.ID },null)
public ActionResult Details(int id)
slider sd = new slider();

// viewModelVm vm = new viewModelVm();

Service sr = new Service();
viewModelVm vm = new viewModelVm();
vm.slider = sd.GetData();
vm.service = sr.Getdatabyid(id);
Service ss = sr.Getdatabyid(id);
return View(vm);

Malikdanish 2-Oct-16 5:24am    
public List(slider) GetData()
string[] filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("/Images/img/"));
List(slider) files = new List(slider)();
var model = new System.Collections.Generic.List(slider)();
foreach (string filePath in filePaths)
string fileName = Path.GetFileName(filePath);
model.Add(new slider
title = fileName.Split('.')[0].ToString(),
src = "../Images/img/" + fileName
return model;
angle brakets are now allowed so i place () brakets

1 solution

I think your issue is in your GetData method, specifically here:

src = "../Images/img/" + fileName

I think you need to change that to something like

src = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/Images/img/" + fileName);

The way you are currently doing it, the call is relative to your request. Using Server.MapPath maps your URL to the image relative to the server.
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Malikdanish 3-Oct-16 12:31pm    
Dear thanks for your response by doing that my images from the home{index view} also disappear when i checked the path of the images it is like that
C:\Users\dhabib\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\MVC\BusinessApplicationTemplate\BusinessApplicationTemplate\Images\img\009-Living_Room-2169443-large-2.png
I have solve the issue by
src = "../../Images/img/" + fileName
Thanks again for your support
David_Wimbley 3-Oct-16 13:17pm    
Well ../../Images won't solve your problem, you'll end up nesting the deeper and deeper you go.

Url.Content("~/Images/img/" + fileName);
instead. I forget the exact one but i think Url.Content should work.
Malikdanish 3-Oct-16 13:46pm    
No Url.Content is available i thing Server.MapPath() is an alternative but it also not worked for me

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