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I have an asmx web service (yes I know its old tech but no choice in the matter) I need to add a new class to for data transfers.  Basically it will be used to pass into methods or return data. The class name is InspectionResults.  The class is built using an xsd file as required for the group I work with.  After the web service is built and deployed, an web application will consume it for use.  At after this, I have noticed the original name of the class InspectionResults is not in the reference.cs file but rather its name has been changed to something like request15. I would rather the web application use the original name of InspectionResults. Is there a way to stop the class name from being renamed to a meaningless name like request15 in the reference.cs file so consuming apps can use the real name?

What I have tried:

This problem does not exist if I create c# classes with Visual Studio using the class library template. Basically, if I create a DTO (Data Transfer Object) c# class it all works fine. The only reason I am not proceeding with this is because the web service I am maintaining has a requirement that classes to be used for passing in as data or receiving data must be created with xsd files. Why? I don't know but that is the way it is.

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