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Dear Everybody,
I have a problem, which i tried to fixed but i couldnt. :( Can you help me? Thank you.
My project is used WPF. And my problem as follows:
I have a datagrid, which has a DataGridTextColumn changes color of a column according to status.I can display it. But this problem is when i changed status, refreshed datagrid. It didnt change color of this column.
I don't know how to express for you understand. :( castoffs, i want to change color of column in datagrid during running project.
Can you have me a solution? Thank you so much.

What I have tried:

I added data:
private void add_data()
            DataTable dt = new DataTable();
            dt = CMD_hengio.Show_hengio();
 foreach (DataRow Row in dt.Rows)
                Item_hengio item= new Item_hengio();
                item.name_nv    = Row[1].ToString();
                item.ip_thuchien= Row[2].ToString();
                item.time       = ((DateTime)Row[3]).ToString("HH:mm:ss");// Row[3].ToString("HH:mm:ss"); 
                item.date_start = ((DateTime)Row[4]).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");
                item.date_end   =((DateTime)Row[6]).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");
                item.repeat     = Row[5].ToString();
                item.notes      = Row[9].ToString();
                item.status     = Row[8].ToString();
                item.tag_item = Row[0].ToString() + "*" + Row[7].ToString(); // add tag. 
                if (item.status == "Unfulfilled") item.Name_color = "Yellow";
                if (item.status == "Processing") item.Name_color = "Green";
                if (item.status == "Stop") item.Name_color = "Red";
                if (item.status == "Pause") item.Name_color = "YellowGreen";
                if (item.notes == "Error date")
                    item.Color_Notes = "Red";
                if (item.notes == "Error timer")
                    item.Color_Notes = "Red";
                    item.Color_Notes = "#FF477067";
            Datagrid.ItemsSource = ListItem_nv;
            ICollectionView view = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(ListItem_nv);

this is xaml:

Updated 11-Oct-16 4:42am

1 solution

Try embedding your formatting in the markup
WPF XAML Conditional Formatting
nltd 15-Oct-16 2:42am
Thank Foothill so much for your solution. :)
I tried your solution and i could display color of cell. But i cant update refresh when change during running.
private void btn_stop_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
I need click second, datagrid changes color cell.
Can you have a solution for me? Thank you so much!
Foothill 17-Oct-16 9:24am
Does it give you any errors when the color change should take place or just does the background color just not change?

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