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I want to update table by Datagridview Control
but i can not update table when I used VIEW CLASS
Could you help me?
How to update 2 table on datagridview?

1. On Form Load

  //CLASS view1 is join TB_Student and TB_Depart

Private Const SELECT_STRING As String = _
"SELECT * FROM view1"

  //The DataSet that holds the data

   Private m_DataSet As DataSet
   Dim data_adapter As SqlDataAdapter

  //Create the SqlDataAdapter.

   data_adapter = New SqlDataAdapter(SELECT_STRING, _

  //Map Table to Contacts.

   data_adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Contacts")

  // Fill the DataSet.

   m_DataSet = New DataSet()

  //Bind the DataGrid control to the Contacts DataTable.


2. on Form1_Closing

If m_DataSet.HasChanges() Then
       Dim data_adapter As SqlDataAdapter
       Dim command_builder As SqlCommandBuilder

       // Create the DataAdapter.
       data_adapter = New SqlDataAdapter(SELECT_STRING, _

       // Map Table to Contacts.
       data_adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table", "view1")

       // Make the CommandBuilder generate the
       // insert, update, and delete commands.

       command_builder = New _

       //Uncomment this code to see the INSERT,
       //UPDATE, and DELETE commands.
       //Debug.WriteLine("*** INSERT ***")
       //Debug.WriteLine("*** UPDATE ***")
       //Debug.WriteLine("*** DELETE ***")

       //Save the changes.

   End If

Updated 15-Oct-10 2:06am
Hiren solanki 29-Sep-10 4:38am
use 'pre' tags for code visibility.
Simon_Whale 29-Sep-10 6:06am
need to know what errors you are getting this would help us understand a problem

1 solution

Data modification when using Views is tricky.

See if this[^] (scroll down to the remarks section) helps you to get your head round it.

Somewhere on MSDN there is an article on updateable views in but I am unable to find it at the moment.

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