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Hi Everyone

I am working on a blog type project where I need to set up search for articles.
I am using sql server and

I have set up search using article name and some keywords or tags related to the article.

My issue is how to set up keywords or tags list for a particular article

What I have tried:

What I have done currently is

srno | articlename | description | keywords
1 | abc | complete article text | some relevant keywords

A table with the above columns where articlename and keywords or tags will be searchable.
I also separated all keywords or tags with a delimiter ","

The keyword list is 4-5 keywords or tags per article. Max 10 keywords or tags per article.
Is it advisable to use keywords or tags in the blog table columns

Please advise

Updated 16-Oct-16 8:02am

1 solution

Not sure if I understand your question correctly but:

  • Why do you store the tags/keywords inside a single column? I would split them into separate rows. Storing them as comma separated list will cause you problems in both logic and performance
  • Depending on the definition tags represent a different thing than keywords. Tags typically categorize while keywords are important words that exist in the article
  • Why not store both in a same table. Both are words but just different types so by adding a type column you can separate them

I would also recommend getting to know Full-Text Search[^] since it could help you build good search tools with SQL Server

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