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I want to work on pathfinding project in C#.
I googled about this topic to find out which discipline pathfinding was considered to be?
Some papers said it's a game programming project but others said it's genetic algorithms one.
Some other papers considered it to be under AI discipline.

There is another idea I'm thinking of. Does my confusion depend on how I program my project? Which aspect I decide to work on?

I'm totally confused .. need help

What I have tried:

google to find answer but nothing works
Updated 18-Oct-16 0:17am
[no name] 18-Oct-16 5:08am    
It is a game programming topic, as pathfinding is a common problem to be solved in games. It also has to do with genetic or evolutionary algorithms, which provide an elegant solution. Genetic or evolutionary algorithms in general) algorithmis also belong to the field of AI, since the algorithms do not tell the computer how to solve the problem. Instead, they tell the computer how to learn to solve the problem.
Mujeeba Haj Najeeb 21-Oct-16 5:50am    
Thanks :)

You probably mean "generic", not "genetic". I don't think it matters what you call it, it probably doesn't have a fixed name as there are different types of algorithm you can use to solve the problem. Look at "the travelling salesman problem" as well, you'll see a lot of commonality between this problem and path finding, as well as common types of algorithms used in their solving.

Just to pre-empt your next question, no-one here is going to do your final year project for you or give you a complete solution to your problem.
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Mujeeba Haj Najeeb 21-Oct-16 6:04am    
No, I didn't mean "generic". I meant "genetic".
Yes, I found a lot in common between pathfinding & the travelling salesman problem.
I know that no one is responsible for my project but me. I also know that I have to solve my problems myself but I think this website was made for those who code to meet and help each other with their experiences. I didn't ask for a complete project. I had a confused idea about a project that I wanted to do.
p.s. I'm not a final year student
A 'pathfinding algorithm' is what the title says: just an algorithm able to find a somehow optimized path in a given scenario.
Since this can be useful in game development then path finding algorithms are often used in such area (that doesn't mean it is a game programming topic).
Genetic techniques could be successfully applied to pathfinding problems, however other algorithm techniques fit as well. For instance simulated annealing is an effective way for solving the traveling salesman problem.
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Mujeeba Haj Najeeb 21-Oct-16 6:06am    
Thanks :)

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