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hi friends
when i read only 64 bytes from image file i see that the program write strange byte :
# Created by Imlib
512 512
¢¢¢¡¢£¡¦¢¢ ›£ ›œ¡¡šœš™š˜œšÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ..
why the program write the """Í""" bytess????

What I have tried:

//while (!feof(file))  // repeat until reached end of file

	char *filename="temp_file()";


    int index;	// index into the buffer

    numread = fread(buffer, sizeof(unsigned char), 64, fpIn);

    if (numread == 0)

        break;  // no data left to read

    for (index = 0; index < numread; ++index)

        // process each byte of the buffer

        char b = buffer[index];	// b contains the value of the current byte

        //printf("byte %d: %c\", index, b);

Updated 26-Oct-16 17:39pm

Simple: it's binary data, so it doesn't contain human readable information.
Some of the binary data may be human readable - like the "Created by ..." part in your example - but the rest isn't, so so when you try to display it it tries it's best to "translate" the bytes to "readable characters". They aren't usable as data however!
yagami_md 25-Oct-16 8:00am
what i must to do for not write the "ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ.." bytes????
Leo Chapiro 25-Oct-16 8:02am
You need to read a text file instead of a picture!
yagami_md 25-Oct-16 8:04am
i think "fprintf" do that !!! write 64 bytes to the file "temp_file()"
Leo Chapiro 25-Oct-16 8:09am
Didn't you said "when i read ... from image file"? What kind of file is that?
yagami_md 25-Oct-16 8:10am
yes image.pgm
OriginalGriff 25-Oct-16 8:18am
PGM files do not contain text - they contain binary data.
That means that if you omit (or even change) a single byte, the file could easily become unusable.
So start off by not using char values - use unsigned char (or byte if it's defined for you) instead. Unsigned char is an 8 bit value, char is a signed 7 bit value.
Leo Chapiro 25-Oct-16 8:19am
OK, now I understand your question: PGM is a grayscale image file encoded with either one or two bytes (8 or 16 bits) per pixel; contains header information and a grid of numbers that represent different shades of gray from black (0) to white (up to 65,536); typically stored in ASCII text format, but also has a binary representation.

Do you want to read ONLY the ASCI part of the file?
yagami_md 25-Oct-16 8:22am
yes i want read only the ASCII ! like when i opened the image with notepad or bloc note
Take a look at this solution in C++, looks like the same you want to do. You can adapt it to C-Language:

parsing - How to read in data from a pgm file in C++ - Stack Overflow[^]

#include <iostream> // cout, cerr
#include <fstream> // ifstream
#include <sstream> // stringstream
using namespace std;

int main() {
  int row = 0, col = 0, numrows = 0, numcols = 0;
  ifstream infile("file.pgm");
  stringstream ss;
  string inputLine = "";

  // First line : version
  if("P2") != 0) cerr << "Version error" << endl;
  else cout << "Version : " << inputLine << endl;

  // Second line : comment
  cout << "Comment : " << inputLine << endl;

  // Continue with a stringstream
  ss << infile.rdbuf();
  // Third line : size
  ss >> numcols >> numrows;
  cout << numcols << " columns and " << numrows << " rows" << endl;

  int array[numrows][numcols];

  // Following lines : data
  for(row = 0; row < numrows; ++row)
    for (col = 0; col < numcols; ++col) ss >> array[row][col];

  // Now print the array to see the result
  for(row = 0; row < numrows; ++row) {
    for(col = 0; col < numcols; ++col) {
      cout << array[row][col] << " ";
    cout << endl;
One reason could be that the characters are in the image file itself :)

ÍÍÍ characters are assigned to uninitialized variables in debug build.
How have you defined buffer? If you defined buffer as an int (or short), you will get these characters in debug build because:
i) you are reading an array of bytes in buffer.
ii) you are writing every 4th byte (from buffer) in file.

It should work if you change buffer to char.
yagami_md 27-Oct-16 5:25am
sorry brother i changed to char but not work !!! what i will should do
manoranjan 31-Oct-16 4:48am
Please share the updated code and the new output.
yagami_md 31-Oct-16 10:30am
It's error of the position of the fclose file

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