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start a cmd session in a windows form whit command "ipconfig"
but show an error on FnctionStartConsoleEvent
anyone help me?

What I have tried:

Dim cdd() As String
    Event Avvia()
    Function FnctionStartConsoleEvent(e As KeyEventArgs) As EventHandler(Of ComboBox.ObjectCollection)
        If e.KeyData = Keys.Enter Then
            Dim process As Process = New Process
            With process
                '  .StartInfo.ErrorDialog = False
                .StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = True
                .StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
                .StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False
                .StartInfo.FileName = "cmd.exe"
                .StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True
                .StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
            End With
                process.StandardInput.WriteLine("cd/d " & cdd(3))
            End Try
            process.StandardInput.WriteLine("echo [~cd~]%cd%[~cd~]")
            Dim outpp As New TextBox
            outpp.Text = process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd
            cdd = Split(outpp.Text, "[~cd~]")

            For i = 4 To outpp.Lines.Length - 6
                RichTextBox1.Text = RichTextBox1.Text & outpp.Lines(i).Substring(0) & vbCrLf
            ComboBox1.Text = ""
            RichTextBox1.SelectionStart = RichTextBox1.Text.Length
        End If
    End Function

    Private Sub ComboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles ComboBox1.SelectedIndexChanged
        AddHandler Avvia, AddressOf FnctionStartConsoleEvent
        If ComboBox1.SelectedText = "ipconfig" Then
            RaiseEvent Avvia()
        End If
    End Sub
Updated 31-Oct-16 8:58am
[no name] 30-Oct-16 10:40am    
Maybe. We can't read your mind though. We would have no idea which one out the possible 54365654745676 errors there are, which you chose to get.
Wendelius 30-Oct-16 11:25am    
Please post the exact error message you get and information on where it's thrown.
Member 12823823 30-Oct-16 14:03pm
Richard MacCutchan 31-Oct-16 4:17am    
That is not an error message.

1 solution

First problem:
You have an event which expects zero arguments.

You are trying to add a handler method which expects one argument - a KeyEventArgs instance.

Event handlers MUST match the signature of the event they handle. If they don't, you get the compiler error shown in your screen-shot.

Second problem:
You have declared that FnctionStartConsoleEvent returns an event handler method which will accept two arguments - sender As Object and args As ComboBox.ObjectCollection.

The method does no such thing.

Since the method doesn't return anything, VB "helpfully" inserts a Return Nothing before the function exits. If you try to use the return value, you will get a NullReferenceException.

You need to start again, and read a few tutorials on how events work.

Events (Visual Basic)[^]
Raising Events and Responding to Events[^]
Walkthrough: Declaring and Raising Events (Visual Basic)[^]
Step by Step: Event handling in VB.NET[^]
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