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Hello everyone

(x - a)^2 + (mx + c - b)^2 = r^2

Note: where ^ means power

can anyone tell me what is value of x by evaluating above formaula

Thanks in Advance
Updated 3-Oct-10 21:27pm
Ankur\m/ 4-Oct-10 1:47am
YES!! But tell me what are the values of 'a, b, c, m, r' first. :P
Sauro Viti 4-Oct-10 2:51am
Yes, I can, but I will not! This is a simple 2nd degree equation: why don't you do your homework by yourself?

I am assuming the programming language as C#
You can use Math.Pow() Function to accomplish this in C#. You can refer [this.]

You can convert the equation to result with
Math.Pow((x - a), 2) + Math.Pow((mx + c - b), 2) = Math.Pow(r,2);

:) But your equation seems like it should be ended with "Hence Proof"
Sauro Viti 4-Oct-10 2:50am
Math.Sqrt compute the square root, then Math.Sqrt(x - a) is not the same than Math.Pow((x - a), 2)
Baji Jabbar 4-Oct-10 2:52am
Sorry my mistake and thanks for pointing it.
Khaniya 4-Oct-10 5:19am
Sauro Viti
Thanks for your comment but this is not my homework
As you probably know, with a bit of manipulation, your 'formula' maybe written
A x^2 + B x + C=0

That is a canonical quadratic equation[^], having a straightforward solution.

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