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I am using following code to set the value of textbox in using JQuery. But still its not setting the value.

$('<%=txtSStreet.ClientID %>').val("Street");
$('<%=txtSState.ClientID %>').val("City");
$('<%=txtSDistrict.ClientID %>').val("State");
// $('<%=ddlSCountry.ClientID %>').attr("value","Country");
$('<%=txtSZipcode.ClientID %>').val("ZIPCode");
$('<%=txtSPostalAddress.ClientID %>').val("PostalAddress");
Updated 19-Oct-11 3:40am
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 9:41am    
Have you placed your code inside $(document).ready() ??

You can try this way..

        $('#<%=txtSStreet.ClientID %>').val("Street");
        $('#<%=txtSState.ClientID %>').val("City");
        $('#<%=txtSDistrict.ClientID %>').val("State");
        // $('#<%=ddlSCountry.ClientID %>').attr("value","Country");
        $('#<%=txtSZipcode.ClientID %>').val("ZIPCode");
        $('#<%=txtSPostalAddress.ClientID %>').val("PostalAddress");

Hope this will help...

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JQuery Geeks 24-Oct-11 1:37am    
right way
preet88 23-May-12 7:13am    
how we can access all text boxes can you tell me??
for eg $(.textbox) refers to class of textbox
similarly if i want to refer all textboxes how to do that???
Killzone DeathMan 23-Nov-12 4:49am    
I thing its the same way, just add the class="textbox" and in jquery $('.textbox').val('My Text');
Am I right?
deepak.m.shrma 5-Nov-12 22:41pm    
$("input[type*='text']") gives you array of text, using 'each' method u can manipulate all textboxes.
$(this).val('count = '+count);
Sampath Sridhar 10-Mar-13 23:39pm    
The answer is correct.
Instead of

$('<%=txtSStreet.ClientID %>').val("Street");

try this :

$('#' +'<%=txtSStreet.ClientID %>').val("Street");

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Member 11031891 23-Aug-14 22:13pm    
This is the correct solution since, in the question, those are IDs you are trying to set. The # indicates an ID, so this must prepend the <%=xxxxxxxx.ClientID %>.
set txtSStreet textbox's clientidmode property to static in aspx page then using jquery
$('#txtSStreet').val('value you want to set');
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GeraldTrost 16-Nov-14 0:30am    
THIS is the right answer!
other answers came from people who don't deal with ASP.NET
and so they dont have experienced this issue!
$(‘:submit’).click(function () {
$(‘div’).text(‘This is new text.’) ;

This will set the Text value of 'div' element on submit button click.
You can similarly set the textbox value, replace 'div' with '#textbox_id'

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Put $(document).ready function on the top OR u can put $(function(){}); and into the curly braces u can write down your code. Your problem will be resolved.
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hey buddy . u can use below code to find textbox and set its value.


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Shining Legend 4-Oct-10 5:05am    
I already tried this way but it is not working.
Sandip.Nascar 22-Aug-12 13:56pm    
This is a server side control. So, definitely this will not work.
refer an example:

<head runat="server">
    <script src="scripts/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() {
            $('#btn1').click(function() {
                return false;
            $('#btn2').click(function() {
                return false;
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
     <input name="Abc" id="Abc" runat="server" />
     <input type="button" runat="server" value="click" id="btn1" />
     <asp:Button ID="btn2" runat="server" Text="Hit" />
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Saiseva 22-Jun-11 16:24pm    
Your code-example is very simple and easy.

This is ami, I am new in JQERY world.

I am learning and I show so many examples, tuorial etc. online.....But all are almost same start with $(document).ready()...WITHOUT IN-DEPT EXPLANATION OF $ and how to use basic syntax...i feeel sometime it is confusing...

More...Mostly Javascript codes are more to do with form's element like getting manipulation..Less on CSS-HTML

Most of tutorial talks about CSS Element manipulation....Less on HTML ELEMENT DATA-VALUE Manipulation.

Do u have/know any tutorials/LINK/BOOK.......that clears begginners on HTML element side

For example : How to get value of text box, how to compare value of two password control, How to get date value, How do i know which radio button is selected, change text based on selected radio button...

Or tutorial tells..major functions used in data manipulation...

see if i see u r example i got what val function does.....but I can't just go by each function and read sytax...It doesn't provide any dudeligence..

Please let me know if anyone know..Better tutorial/link/book.

my id is

Ajith K Gatty 7-Apr-14 8:17am    
Try this link

You can also read Javascript and Jquery, The missing manual 2nd edition.

Good Luck
put it in a $(document).ready
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Use this...
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Member 10042358 23-Jun-20 13:40pm    
$('#ControlName').val('value'); its ok
but in code view..cannot get value of textbox

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