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i follwed this Article:
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What I have tried:

using System;
using System.Security.Permissions;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow;
using Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.Conversions;

namespace WordTopdf.ConversionLibrary.PDF_EventReceiver1
    /// <summary>
    /// List Item Events
    /// </summary>
    public class PDF_EventReceiver1 : SPItemEventReceiver
        /// <summary>
        /// An item was added.
        /// </summary>
        public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)
              // Verify the document added is a Word document
      // before starting the conversion.
      if (properties.ListItem.Name.Contains(".docx"))
        //Variables used by the sample code.
        ConversionJobSettings jobSettings;
        ConversionJob pdfConversion;
        string wordFile;
        string pdfFile;
        string wordAutomation = "WAS";

        // Initialize the conversion settings.
        jobSettings = new ConversionJobSettings();
        jobSettings.OutputFormat = SaveFormat.PDF;

        // Create the conversion job using the settings.
        pdfConversion =
          new ConversionJob(wordAutomation, jobSettings);//[i am getting an error in here]

        // Set the credentials to use when running the conversion job.
        pdfConversion.UserToken = properties.Web.CurrentUser.UserToken;

        // Set the file names to use for the source Word document
        // and the destination PDF document.
        wordFile = properties.WebUrl + "/" + properties.ListItem.Url;
        if (properties.ListItem.Name.Contains(".docx"))
          pdfFile = wordFile.Replace(".docx", ".pdf");
          pdfFile = wordFile.Replace(".docx", ".pdf");

        // Add the file conversion to the conversion job.
        pdfConversion.AddFile(wordFile, pdfFile);

        // Add the conversion job to the Word Automation Services 
        // conversion job queue. The conversion does not occur
        // immediately but is processed during the next run of
        // the document conversion job.

Richard MacCutchan 6-Nov-16 3:22am    
Did you have a question?
jagdeesh 93 6-Nov-16 4:26am    
my requirement is using WAS(WordAutomationServices) in sharepoint2013 i need to convert .docx files in Folder-A Should automatically converted into .pdf files in Folder-B(i.e.,it should automatically copy and convert the document into pdf format from source folder to destination folder).
can you help me to solve this??
[no name] 6-Nov-16 9:33am    
That is a requirement. It is not a question or a description of the problem.
jagdeesh 93 7-Nov-16 0:21am    
WORD AUTOMATION SERVICES IN SP2013 is not loaded by the conversion job. i check the services all are running. the error while debugging in visual studio is :"proxy file cannot be found"
jagdeesh 93 7-Nov-16 3:52am    
for starting the conversionjob i use :


this error is occuring: "The service application required to complete this request is not currently available. Try this operation again later. If the problem persists, contact your administrator."

-- how to solve this error??

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