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Hi I try to rename table name which contain "." using sp_rename in sql server,

sp_rename N'1043_MMM.LKJ', N'1043_MMMLKJ'

i will get error like this

Msg 15225, Level 11, State 1, Procedure sp_rename, Line 374
No item by the name of '[1043_MMM.LKJ]' could be found in the current database 'master', given that @itemtype was input as '(null)'.

How to solve this ?

I cant Drop and create table again,bcz it contains value,so i want rename only.
Any special character got restriction for creating table in sql server ? if got pls give information.

Manually can rename table


What I have tried:

if i run in master database in sql server also same error.
Updated 3-Feb-21 4:09am
Richard Deeming 20-Dec-16 10:31am    
Why are you creating user tables in the master database?

And if it's not in the master database, why are you running your sp_rename script from the wrong database?
Aravindba 21-Dec-16 1:37am    
Thank u ur reply,Actually above script working without dot in table name,i am passing that script in command text and that command text connection is local database,not master table.if i run in sql directly without dot it working.

You can also place brackets around the string, as shown here:
EXEC sp_rename N'[1043_MMM.LKJ]', N'1043_MMMLKJ'
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If your table name contains identifier, and if you want to rename it, you should run wrap the tablename with double quotes (“) and use the sp_rename command.

Try this:

sp_rename N'"1043_MMM.LKJ"', N'1043_MMMLKJ'
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