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hi all, i have text file like this

LINE 2: 'This is the first performance for DMM.'; 'TIME:12:00:00'; 'VERSION:6.1.2
LINE 3: ';'F01RY0DM08';'#history';'UP8";

I need to consider and read the contents with in single quotes as a single string. For eg., the output should be String1 = DEPT-ELECTRICAL, String2 = USER...
Semi colon is the delimiter here.

I have referred some solutions online. I copied some code for a head start eventhough it's not exactly what i require but it's giving me an error as "foreach statement cannot be applied to variables of type Systems.Text.Regularexpr.match". please help me

What I have tried:

// Read all text from file
                string sData = File.ReadAllText(@"c:/file.txt");

                // Match strings between " "
                Match match = Regex.Match(sData, "\"(\\w|\\d|\\s|\\\")*\"",

                // Read results and strip " out of them
                foreach (var sResult in match)
                    sResult = sResult.Remove(0, 1).Remove(sResult.length - 2, 1);
                    // Do whatever with sResult
Updated 10-Nov-16 23:24pm

A match is only a single result. You are looking for the collection result, "Matches"

MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(...
foreach (Match match in matches) {
   string sResult = match.Value
Member 12226114 11-Nov-16 4:00am
I am getting 'Missing assembly reference error' now. But I included 'using System.Text.RegularExpressions;' statement already
Midi_Mick 11-Nov-16 4:06am
Apologies. The Matches declaration should be a MatchCollection. Fixing answer
I fear your RegEx do not match what you looking for.
Try something like: "'(.+)';"

Here is a link to RegEx documentation:
perlre -[^]
Here is links to tools to help build RegEx and debug them:
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm[^]
Expresso Regular Expression Tool[^]
This one show you the RegEx as a nice graph which is really helpful to understand what is doing a RegEx:
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]

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