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when i compile this make file,it gives error type name exected,illegal character $,@. Please any one can help in how to use this make file?

OBJS = generate.obj factgen.obj represen.obj timegen.obj tmdates.obj writers.obj brangen.obj custygen.obj params.obj random.obj strname.obj zipcity.obj

generate: $(OBJS)
    g++ $(OBJS) -lg++ -lm -o $@

generate.obj: timegen.h zipcity.h custygen.h brangen.h params.h represen.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

factgen.obj: factgen.h brangen.h random.h represen.h zipcity.h params.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

represen.obj: represen.h tmdates.h strname.h
    g++ -c

tmdates.obj: tmdates.h
    g++ -c

timegen.obj: timegen.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

writers.obj: writers.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

brangen.obj: brangen.h random.h represen.h zipcity.h params.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

custygen.obj: custygen.h represen.h zipcity.h params.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

params.obj: params.h strname.h tmdates.h
    g++ -c

random.obj: random.h
    g++ -c

strname.obj: strname.h
    g++ -c

zipcity.obj: zipcity.h random.h
    g++ -c

1 solution

You must NOT compile a Makefile.
You have to use the make command to build the project:
just type

at the shell prompt (make sure to be in the folder containing the Makefile file).
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