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When I am compiling the program it is working.
but i can't run it( linking error's).the error's are of type
Error 15 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual class OFCondition __thiscall DcmFileFormat::saveFile(char const *,enum E_TransferSyntax,enum E_EncodingType,enum E_GrpLenEncoding,enum E_PaddingEncoding,unsigned int,unsigned int,bool)" (?saveFile@DcmFileFormat@@UAE?AVOFCondition@@PBDW4E_TransferSyntax@@W4E_EncodingType@@W4E_GrpLenEncoding@@W4E_PaddingEncoding@@II_N@Z) referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall CxImageDCM::SaveAsDCM(char const *)" (?SaveAsDCM@CxImageDCM@@QAE_NPBD@Z) xImageDCM.obj DCMConverter

Please help me.

I have included all the library files.
the function shown in the error is in a library called dcmdata.lib.
iam sure tht i have included the library
Updated 7-Oct-10 20:20pm
Richard MacCutchan 6-Oct-10 6:47am    
"unresolved external symbol" means the linker is missing a lib file that defines the relevant entry point. Check your project settings and make sure you have included all the necessary files.

1 solution

The error is due to a missing symbol, in your case the method DcmFileFormat::saveFile.
From the signature, I see that the method is virtual: if you have written the class DcmFileFormat, probably you forgot to implement that method, which is declared as pure virtual in the base class.
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sherin_ 8-Oct-10 1:07am    
Thanks a lot. i forgot to add the required header files to the project

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