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Hi there

Like many others (apparently) I am searching for some sort of UI integration between .NET Core and my Ubuntu machine, and preferrably Mac and Windows as well.

I am not having much luck however. I can see people referencing some projects, amongst others on Github, and it seems that libui is the most promising. Specifically I have looked at CoreUI and DevZH.ui, but I have not been able to actually run them under .NET Core. and they seem to lack any documentation on how to do this (though they do containt project.json files referencing .NET core and Ubuntu)

I would like to ask if anyone has some instructions on how to set up VSCode for running this code? or how to get started implementing any UI? (with .NET Core)

Alternatively, is there anyway to work with .NET Core and QT? I know C# on windows can call C++ code, i so i wonder if there is any such interoperability here?

I am close to considering just doing bash / Yad / .NET Core CLI for the functionality i want, but i know it is a solution i won't be happy with.

What I have tried:

Google, I've downloaded a couple of sample projects from github, but they did not seem to be working;

sharpui/src/SharpUI.Example at master · benpye/sharpui · GitHub

Also, i attempted making a GTK# project in mono develop and then adding a .NET Core .dll i made, but that fails hard even though the intellisense works. (this would also be a very nice solution)
Updated 13-Feb-17 11:39am

1 solution

Take a look at my fork of DevZH.UI. I've been able to run it. I've also fixed a few things, but it's pretty buggy at this point, wrapping unmanaged code into C#'s managed environment is not that easy. However the simplicity and the great approach of libui might worth the time to work this out.
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