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Hi I have an issue wherin all the excel data is loaded into dataset and when i try to find count of rows as datatable.rows.count it shows me value 0x000000f3.

Why is it not returning whole number ? and how to interpret the above value.

What I have tried:

tried to google for this answer but couldnt find any proper reference.
Updated 1-Dec-16 11:13am

That IS an integer. Whatever you're using to display the value is doing so in hexadecimal format. 0x000000f3 is 243 in decimal.
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AlwzLearning 1-Dec-16 17:12pm    
Thank You for quick response .
Now i got it . But just curious why it shows in hexadecimal format and not in integer directly like it does for List or any other collections.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Dec-16 17:37pm    
You still haven't said what "IT" is. If you're talking about the debugger in Visual Studio, right click the value and uncheck "Hexadecimal Display".
AlwzLearning 1-Dec-16 17:45pm    
ya sorry I realized it later, while looking at debugger settings.
Thank You !
Why is it not returning whole number ? and how to interpret the above value.
It is an integer it is just that the display format is hexadecimal as indicated by the leading 0x

Read about formatting numbers in C. C and C++ are ancestors of C# and both share a lot of things.
Here is links to references books on C and C++ by the authors of the languages. Note than C is the ancestor of C++, so knowing C is always useful with C++.
The C Programming Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^][^][^]

C++ Programing Language[^]
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