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I want to write some codes that can show details of my item by using the Action method.

          .Resizable(c => c.Columns(true))
          .HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "cursorLink", @style = "width: 1000px;height:auto;overflow: scroll;" })
          .Columns(columns =>
              columns.Bound(p => p.UserId).Width(100);
              columns.Bound(p => p.Title).Width(200);
              columns.Bound(p => p.LikeCounter).Width(100);
              columns.Bound(p => p.RateCounter).Width(100);
              columns.Bound(p => p.IsActive).Encoded(false).ClientTemplate("<img src='/Content/#= IsActive ? 'tick.png' : 'cross.png' #''>").Width(80);
              columns.Bound(p => p.IsActiveNewComment).Encoded(false).ClientTemplate("#= showActivationStatusIcon(IsActiveNewComment) #").Width(170);
              columns.Bound(p => p.CreatedDate).Width(160).Format("{0:G}");
              columns.Bound(p => p.ModifiedDate).Width(160).Format("{0:G}");
              columns.Command(command => command.Destroy()).Width(170);
              columns.Command(command => command.Custom("ViewDetails").Click("showDetails")).Width(60);
          .ToolBar(toolbar =>
          .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(GridEditMode.InCell))
          .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
              .Events(events => events.Error("error_handler"))
              .Model(model => model.Id(p => p.Id))
              .Create("Editing_Create", "ArticleAdmin")
              .Read("Editing_Read", "ArticleAdmin")
              .Update("Editing_Update", "ArticleAdmin")
              .Destroy("Editing_Destroy", "ArticleAdmin")

What I have tried:

For this goal, Ive used custom command, instead of using ClientTemplate. How to write javascript action?

function showDetails() {
// what code should be written here?
// var action = '@Url.Action("Details", "ArticleAdmin")';
Updated 1-Dec-16 20:21pm
Karthik_Mahalingam 2-Dec-16 23:04pm
you mean the url?

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