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I am not able to hide column in an excel sheet...i tried the below code..please help me out

What I have tried:

Public Function setHeaderColumns(ByVal pck As ExcelPackage, ByVal columns As IEnumerable(Of ExcelEntity), ByVal WorksheetName As String) As ExcelPackage
            'create worksheet object
            Dim ws As ExcelWorksheet
            If (pck.Workbook.Worksheets.Count > 0) Then
                ws = pck.Workbook.Worksheets(WorksheetName)
                ws = pck.Workbook.Worksheets.Add(WorksheetName)
            End If
            Dim ColumnIndex As Integer = 1
            'set the name, color or hide the columns in excel
            For Each col As ExcelEntity In columns
                Dim excelColumn As ExcelColumn = ws.Column(ColumnIndex)
                ws.Column(ColumnIndex).Hidden = Not col.isActive

                'excelColumn.Hidden = Not col.isActive
                ws.Cells(1, ColumnIndex).Value = col.fieldText
                ws.Cells(1, ColumnIndex).Style.Font.Bold = True
                ws.Cells(1, ColumnIndex).Style.Font.Color.SetColor(Color.Black)
                If col.isRequired Then
                    ws.Cells(1, ColumnIndex).Style.Font.Color.SetColor(Color.Red)
                End If
                ws.Column(ColumnIndex).Width = 35
                ColumnIndex += 1
            Return pck
        End Function
Updated 1-Dec-16 20:38pm

1 solution


ws.Column(ColumnIndex).EntireColumn.Hidden = Not col.isActive

If this does not work directly you might have to create a selection first and apply the .EntireColumn.Hidden to the selection, one of the odd behaviours of VBA.

Easiest way to find code for tasks in Excel is to record a macro executing the task then look at the code generated and apply it in your code.

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