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Hi I wrote a program to take samples of the sound signal with lpc1768
to reach Good quality sample rate should be take at least 40 to 50 k samples is that each sample is 12 bits so the volume occupies is too much
So I need to use an algorithm or library that can compress it for me
i looking for a library and
but I do not know how to use this library for lpc1768
Now is there anyone here who can help me?!

What I have tried:

i find mini lzo and lame mp3 encoder
but lame is heavy for lpc1768
and don't know how to use mini lzo
Updated 2-Dec-16 7:33am

Have a look at Zlib. It is used for PNG image compression and is lossless. Plus, you can find the source code written in plain, old C. It is capable of in-memory compression so it should be able to do exactly what you want.
You may use a mp3 decoding library, see this paper: "Audio Player Design Example"[^] though, at first glance it looks you need a more powerful chip.
How long of a sample do you think you're going to fit in 32KB of RAM? I certainly hope you're offloading the storage of this sample to something else besides the uC or are streaming the samples to a PC or something bigger.

If you're not, you are going to need to move up to a bigger uC with more memory or storage.

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