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Hi. I am having trouble patching system updates to remote branches of my workplace, performing remote access, due to intermittent internet connection. I have already created an application that patches database updates (create new tables, storedprocs, views etc. as the database grows with the need of my company) for the remote databases using multi-threaded environment and taking advantage of Hamachi in connecting to IP addresses of the branches. Now I need to create an application that can patch the actual executable file located on drive D: (default location used by my app) without the need to perform remote desktop connection manually, one branch at a time (company's got 250+ branch - I hope u understand my dilemma :) ). Is there any way I can achieve this using VB.Net? Any helpful tips would be much appreciated. Much thanks in advance :)

What I have tried:

used the given branche's IP Addresses saved in Hamachi to access the local database being used by the local machines and patch it simultaneously using multi - threaded environment to speed up updates. I somehow think that I can achieve the same effect in patching the actual executable files using the same manner but I am kinda lost on how to achieve this. :)
F-ES Sitecore 5-Dec-16 5:06am
A good place to start is probably the default admin shares. Windows shares each drive when it starts up so the root of "C" is shared as "C$", "D" is "D$" and so on. Shares that end in "$" are hidden so they don't show up by browsing the shares on the machine, but if you know they are there you can use them. So by default you can access the c drive of a machine via


So c:\foldername\filename.txt is accessed like


These shares are restricted to admin so your code will need to execute under an account that has the rights, and it should also be noted that a user can disable these shares if they want to but it's unlikely.
Boy Balantoy 5-Dec-16 21:21pm
Hi there, thanks for this suggestion, will give it a try today and post the results of my tests :)

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