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Hello, I am try to change some text in the saveFileDialog. Like "Save in", "File name".
Use the way HOOK, SetDlgItemText and SetWindowText.

I have change all the text in the openFileDialog succesful use that way. But I don't know why I can't change the text of saveFileDialog, I think the id of item should be the same as openFileDialog.

For now, I can only change the text of "Cancel" Button and the "File name".

Anybody have some idea? Thx
Updated 6-Oct-10 23:04pm
TheyCallMeMrJames 6-Oct-10 10:56am
Just a head's up more than anything (and this might not be too important to you) but a consideration to make when doing this is that you instantly lose globalization support for the dialogs, unless you're handling that in your re-labeling yourself.
Toli Cuturicu 6-Oct-10 15:01pm
Bad user name. Change it!
Dalek Dave 7-Oct-10 4:04am
Minor Edit for Grammar.

It would be helpful if you would post some of the code that you have tried. In the meantime take a look at this article[^] on how things were done to customize the OpenFile dialog, it may give you some ideas.
Nemesis_Satan 7-Oct-10 4:01am
Thank you CIDev
I have read the article over times.

I write the code here:

HookProc dlgHookProc = new HookProc(DialogHookProc);
int hHook = setWindowHookEx((int)WH_CBT, dlgHookProc, (IntPtr)0,

SaveFileDialog controlex = new SaveFileDialog();


private static int DialogHookProc(int ncode, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
if(ncode < 0)
return CallNextHookEx(hHook, ncode, wParam, lParam);
else if(ncode == 5)
SetDlgItemText(wParam, 1, "Oui");
SetDlgItemText(wParam, 2, "Non");
SetDlgItemText(wParam, 1091, "File dans");
SetDlgItemText(wParam, 1090, "Nom du file");
SetDlgItemText(wParam, 1089, "Type");
SetWindowText(wParam, "Enregistrer");

return CallNextHookEx(hHook, ncode, wParam, lParam);

Here is the most important code, in the function DialogHookProc, the SetDlgItemText and SetWindowText are used for change the text of the button, label and the title of window. The number is the ID of the component.

I don't think it's the code problem, because when I change it to openFileDialog, it works good. By the way, I have tested all the ID in the saveFileDialog.

OK, I found the problem. It seems that the some components in the SaveFileDialog not reflash. But I don't find the solution. Also need your help.
PS: the refalsh() doesn't work.
chaikun 27-Feb-12 23:35pm
Hi, recenly I happen to this problem, did you have already solve the problem? Can you share some advice for me? Thanks~

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