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I have a opensource script im modifying...
It contains php and javascript. My problem is:

The script/app is tiny and when a user registers on my site the script is loaded into a folder that is created with the users name. I dont know the username of the person so i dont know the folder name...(or path to file).

The php side of the script i used the following 2 lines of code to determine the files url and path to its parent folder.

$config[path] = $_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT;].substr(dirname(__FILE__),strlen($_SERVER[DOCUMENT_R;])); //this gives releltive url without trailing  / 
$config[url] = tp://'http://'.$_SERVER[SERVER_NAME].dirname($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]); // this works perfectly..

The above examples work like this: They out put the url to the folder name:
IE: or no"/"..

I call this the path to parent folder of an unknown file position ur and path..

HOW DO I DO THIS WITH JAVASCRIPT? Im trying to output an url to this files location not the file itself...  and im looking for a result like this:  with or without the trailing /..... i can just add this to the include file links prefix...

The big thing to know, i dont know the username folder..
Please help..

1 solution

not possible - your only able to see the servername etc, cos they let you. too much of a security risk to show all. you could try using google to search the parent directory but it probally wont let you do that either. :P
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