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I'm working on a college assessment, and I need to update my program. I need to add code that will ask for what the amount of scores is, and display a prompt for each score, based on what that number was.

So something like...
scoreAmount = prompt("How many scores did you get?");

If the user inputs "3", then I want the user to be asked for the 3 scores. So, "What was your 1st score?", "What was your 2nd score?", and ""What was your 3rd score?".

I was thinking of using an array somehow, but I don't know how.

I tried looking around for a similar question already asked, or using what I already know about arrays, but I'm still clueless.

If I was to use arrays, I would probably need to turn the input number into an empty array, so if the user put in "3", it would create an array "[ , , ]" or "[0, 0, 0]". And then call the array values one by one for each prompt.

So if the array was called "scoreArray", each prompt would call a value of that array from left to right, until all values have been called for. Again, I've looked around on how to do this, but I still have no idea.

What I have tried:

I have not tried anything yet.
Updated 15-Dec-16 3:14am

1 solution is a great resource for learning new concepts. I suggest looking at their example on how to use the built-in JavaScript function prompt(), Window prompt() Method[^].

Get the input number, then do a loop.
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Denisowator 15-Dec-16 8:54am    
I already know everything about prompt(). And the only thing I could see on the page you linked (that would work), was the switch function. But that would pretty much work the same if I just used a bunch of if statements, and would create way too many lines of code. Since I would have to create 1 prompt if the input was 1, then 2 prompts if the input was 2, and so on.

Is there no more effective way of doing this? (using fewer lines of code)
ZurdoDev 15-Dec-16 9:08am    
Do a loop. I guess I'm not sure where you are stuck.
Denisowator 15-Dec-16 9:16am    
I'm not stuck, I just don't think this would be an effective way of doing it, since it would result in hundreds upon hundreds lines of code.

Let's say the maximum number of scores a person can input is 100, I would have to make a switch function, and 100 case statements, each one with 1 more prompt than the last, since the program has to ask for each score seperately.

Let's say I input 50. I would be asked for the first score, then the second, and all the way up to the 50th. To do this, I would have to write 50 different prompts for that one case (if someone types 50). And then on the next case, if someone types 51, I have to copy/paste those 50 prompts, and put in a new one, instantly doubling the lines of code.

And it would be pretty much the same, if I did a loop.
ZurdoDev 15-Dec-16 9:42am    
No, a loop is very simple.

for (var i = 0; i< numberFromPrompt; i++){
// store scores in an array.

3 lines of code.
Maniraj.M 16-Dec-16 5:11am    
My suggestion is as same as RyanDev's for loop solution.It is more effective way than switch

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