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Hi everyone. I want to execute an Else If condition by checking the data in Table field in sql. for example.

If the value of TableField =1 Then
(condition here)
End if

I dont really know how to code that one. I been searching in the google similar to my problem but I didn't find it.

please help me. thanks.

What I have tried:

If Val(Select DataField from Tablename) =1 Then

Me. Hide()

End if
Updated 26-Dec-16 2:42am
ZurdoDev 16-Dec-16 11:24am    
Is this VBA or VB?

Look for ADO.Net examples. You'll want to use SqlConnection and SqlCommand objects.
Member 12905345 16-Dec-16 20:49pm    
I am using a vb. net

1 solution

Dim myConn As SqlConnection
     Dim myCmd As SqlCommand
     Dim myReader As SqlDataReader
     Dim results As String

     myConn = New SqlConnection("Initial Catalog=MyDataBase;Data Source=SQLServerName\SqlServerInstance;Uid=MyUser;Pwd=Pass123;")

     myCmd = myConn.CreateCommand
     myCmd.CommandText = "Select DataField from Tablename"

     'Open the connection.
     myReader = myCmd.ExecuteReader()
     If myReader.GetValue(0) = 1 Then
        Me. Hide()
     End If
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