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Hi all..

I had made a exe with all shortcuts to system accessories and also editboxes to keep note of all priority things.

It also displays the time elapsed from the system turn on time.

If I check the Memory usage for this exe its drastically increasing.
Iam displaying the Hour:Minute:Second.

For each update of these its consuming lot of memory.
Please help me to solve this.

I use this exe as part of my day to day work.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 6-Oct-10 21:42pm
Dalek Dave 7-Oct-10 3:42am    
Edited for Readability.

Probably you're repeatedly allocating and never releasing memory.
Without actually seeing your code, I cannot further guess.
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You have posted this question on the C/C++/MFC Forum too; please, do not cross post.
The get a good answer without wasting resources, the best way is to choose the forum that best matches your question, and post the question there, with a detailed description of your issue, and possibly with a code snippet of the relevant code.
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Its obvious that you are allocating memory & not deallocating it later,

Since you have not posted your code snippet here, i would suggect you to check for the keyword new or malloc in your code & review whether you are using delete or free respectively.

As you are saying it is consuming memory for every updation, that part of the code should be your primary verification area.
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