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I am trying to create checkboxlist in ASP.NET MVC. I tried it from tutorial provided below
Creating Simple Checkboxlist in MVC 4 Using Razor[^]

I am facing an issue which I am not able to resolve.
Below is the code for the same.

namespace MvcCheckBox.Models
   public class CheckModel
      public int Id{get;set;}
      public string Name{get;set;}
      public bool Checked{get;set;}
namespace MvcCheckBox.Controllers
   public class HomeController:Controller
      public ActionResult Index()
         var list=new List<CheckModel>{new CheckModel{Id=1,Name="A",Checked=false},
                                     new CheckModel{Id=2,Name="B",Checked=false},};
         return View(list);
      public ActionResult Index(List<CheckModel> list)
         return View(list);

@model List<MvcCheckBox.Models.CheckModel>
   for(var i= 0;i<Model.Count;i++)
   <input id="Submit1" type="submit" value="Submit"/>

When I run the code output is exactly how it should be i.e. name and checkbox is rendered.
After checking checkbox and clicking on submit, it doesn't displays name, i.e. during postback checkbox is rendered without name. After applying breakpoint, list shows "Name" property as empty.
I am not able to understand the problem.
I'm new to ASP.NET MVC, so still experimenting with MVC.

Thanks & Regards

What I have tried:

I don't know what to try or search. Any help/suggestion are welcome and will try to implement it.
Updated 3-Dec-20 3:57am


You are trying to give same id for the check boxes

that is not possible

try with diffrent id
hari19113 23-Dec-16 5:14am
Sorry sir, that's a typo mistake. In actual code I have provided distinct values. Sorry for the trouble. I'll edit the code.
hari19113 23-Dec-16 5:16am
Sorry sir, that's a typo mistake. In code I've provided "Id" with distinct value.
Sorry for the trouble, I've improved the question.
use CheckBox($"it[{@i}].Checked",Model[i].checked [,options)

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