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I'm trying to find the length of an array using the sizeof method, but I get this error

helpers.c:22:16: error: sizeof on array function parameter will return size of 'int *' instead of 'int []' [-Werror,-Wsizeof-array-argument] n = sizeof(values)/sizeof(int); ^ helpers.c:17:29: note: declared here
bool search(int value, int values[], int n)


What I have tried:

bool search(int value, int values[], int n)
n = sizeof(values)/sizeof(int);
Updated 28-Dec-16 5:59am

1 solution

You cannot use sizeof on a parameter value to a function.
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Ramza360 28-Dec-16 12:10pm    
This is the correct solution.. You cannot use that in C due to sizeof being a compile time pointer. I've deleted my solution as I did not realize it was just a C related question.
CPallini 28-Dec-16 15:55pm    
Exactly. 5.

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