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I have some li tags that I want to find a specific word in them and change the color of the word using JavaScript:

What I have tried:

code one:
var text = result.replace(_word, _word.fontcolor("red"));
var _test = document.createTextNode("text");

it just replace
"<font color='red'> _word </font>"
with _word instead of changing color.

code tow:
var text = result.replace(_word, "<span style='color:red'>" + _word "</span>");
var _test = document.createTextNode("text");

it just replace
"<span style='color:red'> _word </span>"
with _word instead of changing color.
Updated 31-Dec-16 22:17pm
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Solution 1

You use createTextNode which creates just a text node, no HTML element.

It looks like you want to replace the old HTML of an element with the new HTML containing the colored words. I cannot see how you access the elements from your JavaScript, but what you can do is basically this:
var element = ...; // if you want to get the element by ID: document.getElementById("your-element");
var originalHtml = element.innerHTML;
var newHtml = originalHtml.replace(_word, _word.fontcolor("red"));
element.innerHTML = newHtml;

Note that .replace only replaces the first occurrence of the word. If you want to replace all occurrences, you can use a regular expression:
var newHtml = originalHtml.replace(new RegExp(_word, "g"), _word.fontcolor("red")); // "g" means "global"

Also note that setting the innerHTML property causes the element to lose all event handlers. So if you have event handlers bound to your "li"-elements, then I recommend to not put your text immediately in the li-tag, but in another tag in the li tag, like this: <li><span>your text here</span></li>.
Ali Majed HA 1-Jan-17 5:35am
Thanks a lot, Your solution has solved my problem, But would you please tell me more about your fir line of solution ? Do you mean Using createTextNode prevent my text to be rendered ?
Thanks in Advance
Thomas Daniels 1-Jan-17 5:37am
My first line means: you should not use createTextNode. It just creates a *text* node, with no understanding of HTML. So that wouldn't work.
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Solution 2

Check this out and adapt:
<!DOCTYPE html>

<p id="demo">Visit CodeProject!</p>

<button onclick="changeSubStringColor()">Try it</button>

function changeSubStringColor() {
    var str = document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML; 
    var res = str.replace("CodeProject", "<span style='color:red'>CodeProject</span>");
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = res;

Ali Majed HA 1-Jan-17 5:36am
Thanks for your solution. but programFOX solution has solved my specific problem. Thanks again

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