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Hello, basically i am writing small stuff here and i am implementing queue using linked list and everything is at its peak but there is little thing that i cant understand which is that i am dequeueing and it is performing good but what if i want like i will also provide number of values to be deleted !! here is what i have done !!

What I have tried:



using namespace std;

struct node{

    int info;

    struct node *next;


class Queue{


        node *rear;

        node *front;



        void enqueue();

        void dequeue();

        void display();



    rear = NULL;

    front = NULL;


void Queue::dequeue(){

    node *temp = new node;

    if(front == NULL){

        cout<<"\nQueue is Emtpty\n";


        temp = front;

        front = front->next;

        cout<<"The data Dequeued is "<<temp->info;

        delete temp;



int main(){

    Queue queue;


    return 0;

Updated 2-Jan-17 4:31am
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jan-17 10:54am
What happens if you want to remove an item that is not at the front of the queue?
mayashah 2-Jan-17 11:15am
is it possible ??
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jan-17 11:29am
Yes, of course it's possible. You just need to relink the two items either side of the one to be deleted.

1 solution

If you want to dequeue a specific number of values, you can use a loop:
int count_to_dequeue = 3; // choose a number
while (count_to_dequeue > 0) {

How this works: first, you initialize a variable count_to_dequeue. In the example, it's 3, to dequeue three values. Then there is a while loop. It means "while count_to_dequeue is greater than zero, execute the code in the block". In the block, a value is dequeued and count_to_dequeue is decreased by one.

Full list of all steps that happen on runtime:

  1. count_to_dequeue is set to 3.
  2. (entering while loop)
  3. A value gets dequeued.
  4. count_to_dequeue gets decremented -> its value is 2.
  5. A value gets dequeued.
  6. count_to_dequeue gets decremented -> its value is 1.
  7. A value gets dequeued.
  8. count_to_dequeue gets decremented -> its value is 0.
  9. (while loop exists: count_to_dequeue is no longer greater than zero)
mayashah 2-Jan-17 10:35am
this could be done in main right ??
Thomas Daniels 2-Jan-17 10:37am
Yes, it can.
mayashah 2-Jan-17 10:41am
Amazing !! it worked !! Thank You
Thomas Daniels 2-Jan-17 10:46am
You're welcome.

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