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Hi guys.I have a problem.Let's explain this:
I create a DataTable 'DataT' variable and added row to this variable.SameTime i have datagridview.After i assingmented 'DataT' to DataSource property of DataGridView.
I get 'DataT' Rows.Count property.It's value 10.But this value decrease from 10 to 5 when i removed 5 Rows of DataGridView.
So why decrease my value i just remove Rows of DataGridView but i did not remove rows of 'DataT' although rows count of 'DataT' decrease from 10 to 5.
I have not solve this problem.

I have wait to your help.
I thank you.....

What I have tried:

I research and coding and so mnay algorithm.But those don't solve that problem.
Updated 14-Jan-17 5:14am

1 solution

When you use DataSource, the data is bound to the DataGridView.
Here is an excellent article explaining data binding:
A Detailed Data Binding Tutorial[^]
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Member 11152823 14-Jan-17 11:39am    
I thank you for comment.But i to met other state.For example i used byte array and this byte array assigment to other byte array.I change values of Second byte array then first byte array change values.So both change values of variables when i just change one variable value.As if 2 variable bind to each other.
How do i prevent this case.?
I thank you...
RickZeeland 14-Jan-17 13:07pm    
When you use Array2 = Array1; you do not get a copy, but a pointer to Array1 instead.
Use the Array.CopyTo() method to create a new array.
Member 11152823 14-Jan-17 13:28pm    
Thanks RickZeeland.
I used that method "CopyTo()".But all the same forced each other.

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